Defaulter 1.0

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  • Basic

Not bad

Ever wanted to see all the default applications you use on your Mac? Deafaulter is a simple little window that will show you these.

The application displays defaults for your web browser, email client and RSS reader.

Clicking on the choice for each opens up a drop down menu from which you can choose from other applications that you have installed and that can perform the operation.

Once you changed it, the application becomes the default.

Although Defaulter is limited, it can also give you a quick overview of what applications you have installed for a specific job.

For example you can right away see what web browser you are using. It launches very quickly and implements changes right away so if you feel like switching your default apps, the program might come in handy.

Defaulter lets you change your preferred web browser, email client, FTP client, and RSS reader from a single unified interface.

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Defaulter 1.0

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